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    Software Development Engineer

            in Deutsche Bank Cary Technology Center

 I am a Java developer working on a variety of back-end middle office internal applications related to Analytical Market Data. Here is my LinkedIn profile. This page is strictly personal/academic and does not in any way represent Deutsche Bank, its affiliates, or clients.


          former Hubble Fellow at University of Maryland

   I was a Hubble Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Maryland from August 2011 till July 2014 working with Prof. Chris Reynolds. I’ve graduated with a PhD from Harvard University, Astronomy Department in 5 years.


        You can find my CV, also Papers, Presentations & Notes

on the Academic page.  My hobbies and activities, everything informal and fun goes to the Personal page. Thank you for your visit

         Contact me:

E-mail:    roman@astro.umd.edu

                                              Latest  updates

  27 Jun 14 My ASTRORAY code version 1.0 (browse directory, download zip)

                             for polarized radiative transfer via ray tracing near black holes

 16 Jan 14 G2 paper and NGC3115 paper are accepted by ApJ

 21 Oct 13 Colloquium talk on Low-Luminosity AGNs uploaded

 10 Sep 13 Paper about line and dust diagnostics of G2 cloud submitted to ApJ

 23 Aug 13 Paper about hot gas flow onto NGC3115 central black hole submitted to ApJ

 12 Aug 13 Paper on Sgr A* QPOs accepted, co-author on Sgr A* Science paper

31 May 13 Colloquium talk on tidal disruptions of WDs by IMBHs uploaded

  3 May 13 Paper on Sgr A* QPOs submitted, GRB060218 paper accepted, many conference talks

  17 Dec 12 Paper on GRB060218 as a tidal disruption is submitted + see relevant proceedings

   8 Oct 12 IAU meeting presentations and proceedings papers, CV updates: co-advising

 25 May 12 Accepted version of Sgr A* spin paper, minor updates in CV

 13 Feb 12 Paper on tidal disruptions is accepted to ApJ & talk in Aspen, public talk at NOVAC

  14 Dec 11 3-rd version of Sgr A* spin paper

  13 Oct 11 Paper on tidal disruptions submitted, dissertation and public talk uploaded,

                  panelist for NASA ATP, reviewer for ApJ, photos updated

   8 Jun 11 Faraday conversion paper accepted, 2-nd version of Sgr A* spin paper

   9 Feb 11 CV updated: Hubble Fellowship, 3-d author paper, interests

  4 Nov 10 CV updated: one more paper + AAS dissertation award, runner-up

 26 Aug 10 Accepted  version of paper on GR polarized radiative transfer

  28 Jul 10 CV reworked,  submitted version of paper on GR polarized radiative transfer and submitted version of paper on constraining Sgr A* accretion flow uploaded

  3 May 10 Accepted  version of paper on X-rays from conductive flow onto Sgr A*

  1 Mar 10 Probing Strong Gravity...” 2010  & AAS 215 presentations and movies uploaded

 17 Dec 09 GC Workshop 2009 presentations and papers uploaded

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