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Software Development Architect

at Bandwidth 2018 - current

leading design efforts to improve scalability, reliability,

and maintainability of Communication Platform as a Service

(CPaaS) Messaging and Emergency Voice Services solutions


Lead Software Engineer 2018

Senior Software Engineer 2016 - 2018

at Teradata Marketing Applications

back-end software developer working on award-winning applications Customer Interaction Manager and Real-Time Interaction Manager.


Software Development Engineer 2014 - 2016

at Deutsche Bank Cary Technology Center

Java developer working on a variety of back-end middle office internal applications related to Analytical Market Data.


Postdoctoral Fellow Associate 2011 - 2014

at University of Maryland

working on multimessenger manifestations of black holes, radiative transfer calculations, high-performance computing.


PhD candidate 2006 - 2011

at Harvard University Astronomy Department

graduated with a PhD in 5 years working on dynamical and radiative modeling of the black hole in the Galactic center.


You can find my CV, also Papers, Presentations & Notes

on the Academic page. My hobbies and activities, everything informal and fun goes to the Personal page. Thank you for your visit.

Contact me:

E-mail: shcher@gmail.com

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"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

- W. Disney


Latest updates

25 May 20

Uploaded to YouTube a base Java project with Maven video tutorial

11 Apr 19

Smart Video Filter project shut down by Google as too similar to YouTube

10 Sep 18

Started working at Bandwidth

23 Mar 18

First release of my Smart Video Filter project at https://smartvideofilter.com/

11 Apr 16

Started working at Teradata

14 Oct 14

Started working at Deutsche Bank

31 Jul 14

Full time learning of Java, algorithms, big data, and interviewing

27 Jun 14

My ASTRORAY code version 1.0 (browse directory, download zip) for polarized radiative transfer via ray tracing near black holes

16 Jan 14

G2 paper and NGC3115 paper are accepted by ApJ

21 Oct 13

Colloquium talk on Low-Luminosity AGNs uploaded

12 Aug 13

Paper on Sgr A* QPOs accepted, co-author on Sgr A* Science paper