Course Review – Algorithms, Part II (Robert Sedgewick, Princeton)

Here is my review of Algorithms, Part II course offered on Coursera in Oct-Dec 2015.
Course has ranking of 5 out of 5 (excellent), programming assignments are moderate to high difficulty, but I managed to get at least 100% on each assignment.

Technologies/Material: the course provides the core set of advanced algorithms, which every serious software developer should know. Represented are graphs with depth-first search, breadth-first search, minimum-spanning trees, shortest-path trees (Dijkstra algorithm), maxflow/mincut problem; radix string/number sorting; tries; substring search, regular expressions; data compression; tractability (P~NP). Homework assignments elaborate on vast network of applications of graphs, on radix sorting 5x faster than Java’s Arrays.sort(), on state-of-the-art compression algorithms.

Instructor/lectures: Robert Sedgewick is recognized for his seminal contributions to CS and is probably the most famous author of books on algorithms after his PhD advisor Donald Knuth. Prof. Sedgewick is very enthusiastic to discuss the fascinating world of algorithms.

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