Course Review – Introduction to Big Data (Natasha Balac)

Here is my review of Introduction to Big Data course offered on Coursera in Sep-Oct 2015. Course has controversial rankings of 3 out of 5 (poor), while I passed with a 100% grade.

Technologies/Material: the course is highly unusual and experimental in nature. It is aimed to entice and encourage newcomers to Big Data with a collection of factual information. Any meaningful homework is absent. Out of stated ~15hrs, the course required under 3hrs to complete. The effective cost of $18/hr might only be justified, when course is viewed as a prerequisite for completing a Big Data specialization. The specialization has received “intermediate” difficulty ranking, but later was rightfully downgraded to a “beginner” specialization.

Instructor/lectures: Natasha Balac was holding IT manager positions since receiving her PhD from Vanderbilt in 2002. She has business experience rather than technical experience with Big Data, hence the course is oriented on business context.


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